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Nag Tibba Trek
Nag Tibba Trek

Nag Tibba Trek

Journey started around 9:00 pm on 3rd June-09 from IMT campus. Train was late by 1:30 hour and was able to catch train at around 11:30.

Day 1 (4th July)

Reached Dehradun by 8:00 AM and had a breakfast at ‘Royal Sweets’ just outside Dehradun station. You can hire a taxi or a bus for the Mussoorie from Dehradun railway station as well. For bus you have to stand in long queue (in peak time ) for seat and if you a flexible you can go in a bus without seat and you need not to stand in a queue ( like we went standing but managed to get seat as local leave the bus earlier than ‘Mussoorie’). we reached mussoorie by 11:00 AM. woking taxi

The first thing to be done in Mussoorie was to take permission from ‘Divisional Forest Officer’ to stay in ‘Forest Rest House’ in ‘Devalsari’. It took around one hour to take permission and we decided to roaming around in mall-road for some time. We bought some biscuits and namkeen for trek, left for Tehri bus stand which is straight walking distance from Mall-Road itself. From Tehri Bus stand one can easily get a share-taxi for ‘Thatyur’ which is about 1:30 hour distance from Tehri Bus stand. We got a share taxi easily but there was some problem in taxi on the way so we took a bus to ‘ Suvakholi’ which is around 10 KM from Mussoorie and then we took another taxi and reached ‘Thatyur’ around 4:00 PM.

Now from Devalsari we again have to get a taxi which will take us to a village ‘ Bangsil’. WE have to wait for around 40 minutes for a taxi and reached ‘Bangsil’. While travelling in Taxi we met local people named ‘nagendra, gajendra’ from ‘Oothad’ village and a gentleman named ‘virender’ from ‘Bhudkot’ village who later helped us to reach ‘devalsari’ which is around 1. 5 KM from ‘Bangsil’. We was able to reach ‘Devalsari’ at around 6:30 PM. We met caretaker ‘Mr. S. S. Tomar’ who checked our permission letter and aloted us the ‘Rest House’ and asked us to take spring water from down the hill. When we asked him about the purity of water and he said: ” Bhaiya, itna thanda, shud pani to apke Delhi, noida ki fridge main bhi nhi milta hoga. “

We made ‘Maggi’ on local ‘chullah’ ourself. We hired a guide ‘Prem Singh; for Rs. 400 and decided we will leave early in the morning by 5:00 AM and we went to sleep.

Day 2 (5th July)

We wake up around 4:15 AM and started getting ready and packed our stuff. Wewas offered tea by Mr. S. S. Tomar and after having tea we left for ‘Nag Tibba’ around 5:30 AM. Our guide was not very strong but being a ‘pahari’ he was having good stamina. He picked our bag and we started walking.

After one hour and travelling for about 2 Km we reached a village ‘Oothad’. This is the place from where ‘Nag Tibba’ Trek starts. From this place there are two ways to tibba. First one is long way usually used by terkker and other one is short-cut used by villagers only. Our guide didn’t mentioned about both the paths and asked us to move on shortcut. It is after 2 Km he told us about both the ways. This short-cut path is less in distance and but it is very steep. We was taking breaks in between the way and eating our stuff. There was not a single person that we met in our way till first 3. 5 Km after ‘Oothad’. Then we met a villager and he talked to ‘Prem Singh’ in their local language that we was not able to understand.

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